Database Design

Contriv provides database design services for our clients that have a need a database for internal reasons or to support dynamic data via a web-based application. We have an abundant amount of experience in designing relational databases in technologies such as: Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

We have designed databases for our clients' internal purposes, where a need to track information and run reports in a more efficient and maintainable method. There comes a point in a company's growth when sharing spreadsheets or maintaining hard-copies of vital information becomes a risk and a pain to track and share effectively. That's typically where we recommend modernizing a client's capabilities by leveraging a database solution.

Over the years, we've also designed and implemented databases to support our client's web-based applications. We developed custom applications that required data to be dynamically retrieved and displayed using an underlying database. We have experience with a wide variety of technologies to help provide our clients with the best solution possible.

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