Portfolio Category: Consulting

Domain Name & E-mail registration

Contriv will assist our clients in registering domain names at the client's request. If a list of domains are needed to act as holders and forwarders to your primary domain, we can help with setting that up as well. We will also handle renewing, maintaining and/or transferring your domain as needed. When setting up your…
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Website Hosting

Contriv Design will assist in providing clients with the support needed in finding the hosting provider that best suits their needs. We are partnered with Web Hosting Hub, which allows us to provide our clients with reliable and comprehensive suite services and resources. For our clients that have "non-standard" requirements or have a need for…
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Website Maintenance

Contriv Design will provide website maintenance for all websites when requested. We offer 2 types of maintenance plans: By-Month Maintenance Plan This plan covers any type of changes to pages of a website. This plan covers the creation of additional web pages or modifications to existing pages. By-Change Maintenance Plan This plan covers the same type of service…
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